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Joe Nimble World


Stylish or sporty shoes including uncompromising toe freedom.


Teriffic look & natural sense of walking for business,and leisure.

Nimble Wear

More style, more freedom: Joe Nimble® fashion and accessoires.

Our soles

Discover the right shoe for the right terrain and occasion
  • Nimble sole

    4 mm

    1. Casual
    2. Sports
    3. Office
    4. Travelling
  • City sole

    4 mm

    1. Office
    2. Casual
    3. Business trips
    4. Formal occasions
  • Protected sole

    6 mm

    1. Casual
    2. Sports
    3. Hiking
    4. Snow

Welcome to the Joe Nimble® World

Your feet are a masterpiece of evolution. And they carry you through your entire life. That is why you need shoes that give you enough free space and support you optimally. Shoes in which you walk is if you were barefoot.

To give you a natural, healthy walking experience, we combine the barefoot principle with uncompromising freedom for toes, which we developed more than 30 years ago. Joe Nimble® barefoot shoes are made with elaborate manual labour. They ensure a natural body balance, support the movement of the body and reduce the pressure on the spine. For optimum walking quality. And maximum freedom.


We do a lot to ensure you enjoy that unmistakable Joe Nimble® feeling as soon as you set foot in our shoes. They are all hand made in our very own facilities in accordance with our maxim of producing outstanding quality with well-trained specialists – right from the selection of the leather through to final product control.


The BÄR principle

Do you already walk as comfortably as you would barefoot? In shoes that are perfectly shaped to your feet? This practical video tells you more about the BÄR principle of maximum wiggle room for your toes and our no heel policy. Take your first step on the path towards optimal walking comfort.



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